Art platform

Art platform Favignana
Open Idea Competition 2018
Conversion and extension of an old fortress into a museum (I)
Client: Municipality of Favignana
Gross Floor area: renovation 920m², new 580m²

How to transform an ancient fortress into a place of encounter, culture and creative research? Given the prominent site with its particular endemic nature it was preferred a more reserved solution not digging the landscape and taking advantage from the unique existing buildings and its history.

Conceptually the proposal appears as an inhabited roof over the fortress, an extra layer acting simultaneously as a protection to the heritage building and a recognizable contemporary intervention where nowadays programs and needs can be better accommodated.
While the fortress can be translated into adjectives like “monolithic”, “impenetrable” and invites to introspection and creative process, in contrast, the new roof layer is turned out towards the landscape, 360°, and means flexibility, openness and invites to socialize and the outside world.