Housing for the elderly (renovation), Riehen
Open Competition 2019, 2nd Prize 
Client: Landpfrundhaus Alterssiedlungen Riehen Bettingen
Gross Florr Area: 2’300m²

The dwelling building at Bäumliweg was built in 1967 and showed in its original state two separate buildings connected by a single-storey structure. In favour of an obstacle-free accessibility of the flats, the single-storey middle wing suffered strong interventions along the years and it was increased until the top floor. Besides the weakening of the original architectural quality, the violation of the zone law and the urban-planning barrier effect, this increase shows many deficits in its current use.
The project envisages the dismantling of the complete middle section. Obstacle-free accessibility is now achieved via two lifts, which are now integrated into the two buildings.
The building receives a new main entrance, which solves the different levels between street and the ground floor and originates a common obstacle-free access for all.
With the renovation, the building gets a differentiated new look on the courtyard side. As part of the extension of the existing access balcony, the new open balustrade elements will strengthen the relationship with the garden. The new access gallery gets a lodge character and provides way more space for a coffee in the morning sun, a conversation with the neighbours or to observe the diverse nature of the garden.

In Colaboration with
Gruner AG Construction engineering and
Quantum Brandschutz