Triple Gymnasium, Davos

Triple Gymnasium for a school, Davos
Open Competition 2018, 4th Prize
Client: Municipality of Davos
Gross Floor area: 3’200m²

The existing ensemble is complemented by a centrally placed building. In order to grant the largest possible playground area, the entrance wing of the gym is released from the building and pushed into the topography. From this situation arise two playgrounds, which solve the existing height differences and conform the heart of the whole. Free-standing and detached from the topography, the building emerges as a most possible compact volume. This tangible building is structured in the lower facade area by an encircling grid of concrete pilasters. The generous glazing on all sides allows visual contact between in and outdoor space and ensures sufficient daylight inside the gym. In the upper area, the building is coronated by an opaque strip of precast concrete elements. These are slightly curved inwards and suggests a curtain. At the same time that creates lightness and tension, originates a certain tent character.

In collaboration with
Gruner AG Construction engineering, Quantum Brandschutz, Waldhauser Hermann Building engineering