Kindergarten and afternoon school Brühl, Solothurn

Kindergarten and afternoon school Brühl
Open Competition 2017
Client: Municipality of Solothurn
Gross Floor area: 1’340m²

The new building for a kindergarten and an afternoon school is part of the existing primary school extension plan. With the sweeping outdoor space and its play niches, the new construction combined with the existing building develops a meeting place and a centre reference in the district. In addition to the main entrance facing the main street, all four sides of the square-shaped floor plan are provided with entrances via a recessed balcony, which outlines the whole building. Classrooms, students, playground and nature are linked up thus. A central patio forms the living space for smaller children and structures the internal development of the floor plan. The serving uses are arranged between the Afternoon school and the kindergarten.
The selected warm materials wood and brick form a superordinate connection to the existing primary school building.

In collaboration with
Bryum Landscape Architects, Waldhauser Hermann Building engineering