Kiosk Dießen

Kiosk – Dießen am Ammersee
Open Competition 2017
Client: Markt Dießen am Ammersee (D)
Floor area: 70m²

At the intersection of the pedestrian paths, with regard to the ADK pavilion, should arise a new kiosk. The slender volume gently closes the square on the west side giving its back to the railway embankment. Food or drinks can be taken while standing at the bar as well as on the bank integrated in the façade, with views towards the lake.
The building is structured into several horizontal layers: a prefabricated concrete plinth with a smooth rounding at the pavement level, a circumferential band of ceramic tiles and an upper area wrapped in vertical turquoise-green corrugated metal plates. The roof is a „flying“ prefabricated face concrete sunshade.
The kiosk rounded forms pretend to set up an analogy to the careful architecture of the 1930s (date of the ADK pavilion) without losing its connection with today’s time.