Lisbon Study

Lisbon: City in transition
Study 2017
Client: private

The aim of this study was to identify and discuss potentially interesting areas of Lisbon, in order to create the basis for a long-term investment. These districts should be relatively close to the centre but at the same time not yet by tourism demand overwhelmed, with a high neighbourhood atmosphere and which prove to be a healthy investment in terms of long-term return.For this purpose were analyzed usage typologies, historical and social backgrounds, earthquake and flood hazards, public transport and private transport habits for each studied district. In addition has been determined average rents of various types of dwellings and presented some examples of buildings that could be found for sale.
The study aimed to answer questions such as „Why invest in Lisbon?“, “Where / how to invest in Lisbon?” and „Has the relationship between rental rates and the cost of real estate been affected?“.
The results of the study were summarized in a 130-page book.