Exhibition stands for start-ups – muba 2017

Exhibition stands for start-ups – muba 2017
Design and construction of exhibition stands for start-ups at muba 2017, Basel (CH)
Client: Startup Academy, Basel
Surface: 300m²

The new release “on stage” of the Basel Startup Academy for 21 young start-ups from Switzerland was conceived, designed and implemented by WERKatelier at muba 2017.
The concept is an house archetype structure where only its edges were drawn and built and an hanging lamp illuminates the house offering the young companies an open space to freely present and exhibit themselves. 13 houses of various sizes gave rise to a small „village“ which was differently occupied by its „inhabitants“ resulting in a exciting variety of products services, colors and people.
Due to the tight time and budget framework, the houses were planned into detail and preassembled and painted at the fair itself.