Primary school extension Bünda, Davos

Primary school extension Bünda, Davos
Open Competition 2018
Client: Municipality of Davos
Gross Floor area: renovation 2’600m², new 800m²

The existing primary school building lies on the center of a residential district next to Davos city center and revealed to hold an interesting positioning due to its junction and connection point in the district. As well the new extension should be recognizable and effective in the district as a public school building and as a complete ensemble, depict the central identity in the district.Due to the tight budget it was decided to optimize the layout of the existing building through minor adjustments and to do a slight volume for the new building in order to allow the regular running of the school during the construction process and to generate the least possible disruption of the existing school building.
The new compact two-storey building will be positioned so that it is possible to remain the current entrance situation to the old building and its address. The new building is clearly structured on the inside and offers the children a manageable and comfortable world.

In collaboration with
Quantum Brandschutz